To install the Energy Tracker full installation package or the update you will need a license key from us.

If you have purchased Energy Tracker but have not received a license key please contact us with your purchase details for assistance:

What's New

Energy Tracker V4.3.0: is a major release that incorporates numerous new features and enhancements.

  1. Improved Energy Tracker Administration Console: this release incorporates numerous changes that simplifies the entire process of configuring energy monitoring hardware.
  2. Database: additional database management features have been added to automatically control and streamline database information.
  3. Improved Data Processing: new efficiencies in the data collection process ensures minimal system resources are consumed and maximum scalability.
  4. Improved Energy Tracker Client: smaller and more efficient client ensuring minimal operating footprint with improved interface responsiveness.

Full Installation Package - New Installations

Download the complete Energy Tracker Installation package. It is strongly recommended that you also download our new installation guide before starting (see below). If you have an existing installation then please download our update installer below. If you have any issues or require assistance email

Release Date
900 Mb

If you experience issues downloading the full installation package due to its size please consider using any number of free download managers such as:

Full Installation Package Multi-Part - New Installations

If you still experience issues downloading please try the following multi-part download. Download each of the installation parts into the same folder location and launch "Energy Tracker System.exe".

Download Part 1    Download Part 2   Download Part 3   Download Part 4   Download Part 5

Energy Tracker V4.3.0 -  Upgrade from Previous Version

If you have en existing installation of Energy Tracker that is pre-V4.3.0, download and run this installer on the system that Energy Tracker is installed to. Please note that if you have installed the Energy Tracker client to multiple computer systems on a network you must also update the Energy Tracker client on each computer. The individual installer for the Energy Tracker Client can be found in your installation folder.If you have any issues or require assistance email

Example: "C:\Program Files\Energy Tracker\ETS\Apps\Energy Tracker System\ETC.exe"

Simply copy and run that installer on each computer to upgrade or deploy by whatever mechanism you may use (business customers). Installation is silent and requires no restart.

Release Date
100 Mb

Auditor3 Installation and Configuration

If you are installing the Auditor3 you will need to download and install the following package. The package contains the documentation and Auditor Configure tool necessary to successfully install and configure your Auditor3
Release Date
51 Mb

Product Documentation

Energy Tracker Installation Guide

Energy Tracker Full Product Documentation

Energy Tracker Information Brochure

Auditor3 Installation and Setup Guide

Socomec Diris A40 Smart Meter Installation and Setup Guide

EnviR Installation and Setup Guide

Energy Tracker Data Logger Setup Guide

Energy Tracker Simulator